Here at BEATCAVE we know how expensive it is to be a creative and how difficult it can be to release music without a "team".  We are here to help. When you join the BEATCAVE Membership, not only do you get discounts on all of our events, you gain access to our exclusive deals on services that will help you with everything you need to make your music release a success!



How does it work?

When you become a member you will receive our list of vendors who are offering BEATCAVE Members exclusive prices. Once you receive the vendor list you can reach out to them directly to book your services. Please note that vendors recieve updated member lists to ensure everyone is up to date with their membership before booking services. 

I'm a Producer/Beatmaker is this for me?

Branding is important for any business and we encourage Producers in our community to release music as an artist so many of these services will be beneficial depending on your goals. Also, Producers who are members will be given the opportunity to sell beats in our community marketplace.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! We ask for seven days notice but you can cancel your membership at any time.  

 Simply email saying you would like to cancel your membership for the upcoming month.

I'm from outside of Toronto, is this still for me?

We have several aspects of the membership that can benefit you anywhere in the world. Recording, Videography, and Photography would be excluded from your membership if you are outside the GTA.

How many services can I use in a month?

You have unlimited access to the membership services permitting that vendors have the capacity to book you.


    Every month
    Get access to the community network to maximize your career
    • 20% off all BEATCAVE events (GBL, BOOMBAUX, CAMP)
    • $100 exclusive beats
    • Featured articles on BEATCAVETORONTO.COM
    • Promotion on BEATCAVE'S Instagram
    • Discounts on mixing & mastering
    • Discounts on recording
    • Discounts on cover art
    • Discounts on videography & photography
    • Exclusive access to synch placements for film & television