FEBRUARY 27 2022


 An artist typically knows within 30 seconds if they are going to pass or play on a beat. This season we're taking beatmakers and  putting them right in front of the artist. On February 27th we will be hosting artists on zoom for individual listening sessions


How does it work?


You purchase your ticket, do your homework on the participating artists, and make a beat for the artist of your choice. On February  27th, we'll have a schedule of when the artists will be coming on zoom with the link. 


How many beats can I play?


The first 30 second of your beat will be played for sure, the full minute is based off of the artist liking your beat. Very accurate to a real life situation for artists. 

Will I get to work with any of these artists?


This season is to help beatmakers meet talented artists to improve their network and get opportunity. Although this can be a possibility, it's not guaranteed. Please do your homework on the artists participating to make sure you have the music to show them 


Will there be any feedback?


All artists aren't trained in understanding the technical side of beat making. The feedback will be specifically based off of the artists preference. 


How will sound be over zoom?


The artists will be listening to beats on their end with speakers. The sound over zoom might not be clear, but the artist  will be listening at full sound. That's the most important thing right?


Will the artist have access to my beats after?


If the artists like your beats, they will have the beats that they played  and  your contact information. Our hope is that we are able to help all producers forge relationships with artists to improve their chances of success in this industry.