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260 Emerson Ave, Toronto

CAMP 4 is going back to our roots at LYNX. 10 studios and 8 Hours of creating, networking, and learning. As always the goal is to create a collaborative tape. 

This event is open to artists, producers, and engineers. Producers will be given 1.5  hour time slots to play and pitch beats. Artists will rotate through rooms laying down top-lines. 

We are excited that CAMP 4 will be the first tape to be distributed to all major streaming platforms.

Food & Beverages provided throughout the day.


What does the day look like?

Once you register you will receive a room schedule. Producers will be assigned to rooms for 1.5 hour time slots. Artists and Producers who are not running a session can freely move between studios writing and networking. 

If I am a producer and have finished my session what can I do?

We encourage producers  to continue to network, sit in on other sessions, and there will also be studios reserved for "cooking up".

If songs are shortlisted for the CAMP 4 tape how will they be distributed and what are the splits?

Attendees will be asked to sign an agreement stating that songs that are submitted for the CAMP 4 tape will be equally split with all creators involved and BEATCAVE Inc. will keep a percentage. Higher Reign Distro will be facilitating the release, distribution, and play-listing for the CAMP4 tape. 

My main genre isn't Hip Hop is this event for me?

Yes! We are a multi genre writing camp. Our previous tapes have included R&B, Soul, Pop, Dancehall, and Reggae. Our community is filled with multi genre musicians and we encourage diversity. 

Will there be food?

Yes. Food and beverages will be provided throughout the day. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions prior so we can do our best to accomodate.

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 C.A.M.P: Creatives Arranging Musical Projects is an event for producers, artists, and engineers to work collaboratively on a tape. Each CAMP is a little different but one thing remains the same; great music is made and networks are built. Our last three tapes are live on Audiomack and have been streamed over 65 000 times.

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September 2021 BEATCAVE hosted a 2 day creative retreat 3 hours North of Toronto on the South Bruce Peninsula. We took 60+ creatives out of the city to create epic music and connect with nature and each other. The experience can only be described as "life changing".