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Membership Offer
Nov 26, 2022, 7:00 p.m. – Nov 27, 2022, 12:00 a.m.

BOOMBAUX is a multi-disciplinary art show featuring creatives in Toronto. We've innovated the way people interact and showcase their art with creatives & creative enthusiasts. We'll be inside the beautiful Civilian Toronto store located at 734 Queen St. W. We will be providing a night of art, music, and fun! 


Pass The Aux/HDMI 

Play your song/beat or your music video (via projector). This is an amazing opportunity for people at the event to connect with you. This is real networking with creatives.


Create Your Own T-Shirt 

*First Come First Serve*

Get a complimentary freshly screen printed shirt curated by @xanderwho from "U Need This". Then head to our creation table to customize. 



CAMP 5 Listening Session

On September 16-18th 2022 we took 70+ artists, producers, and engineers up north for 2 days to make a collaborative album, we will be showing snippets of each song before the album comes out!



Jam Session 

*First Come First Serve*

Rappers, singers, and artists can jam with our instrumentalist's artists can come up, freestyle, and just catch a vibe with amazing musicians from the community.



Giveaways + Prizes 

Civilian Toronto will be providing some giveaways for everyone attending, including a $15 in-store credit for you to get any cannabis brands and products you'd like.

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